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TCC NE – PSI BETA Valentine Celebration

Thank you to PSI BETA and the coordinators of this event, for allowing B.W.I.T. to be a part of a Valentines Day celebration and spreading the knowledge of domestic violence. Valentines Day may be a day of love but, so many people are not being shown love the other 364 days of the year. Lets keep striving to teach people the importance of catching a domestically violent situation before it starts!

PowerPoint Presentation


Speak up about Domestic Violence


This video may have a disturbing story connected, but it’s a real situation! It’s time for people to speak up against domestic violence produced by a male or female! There are thousands of situations that are not known in the world that have gone on. Lets start speaking up today!


Hot Topics Talk Radio


Let this video inspire you. Hot Topic Talk Radio sent out a wonderful DV Awareness video. Watch the video below!

The Face of Domestic Violence


This video should help you want to move out of the relationship you are in, if you are being abused. This amazing woman has told her story in order to help others realize that it is better to leave before something happens. Watch this video and share it with anyone you may think is in a similar situation.


The Aspire Initiative


The Aspire Initiative is a domestic violence program aiming to reduce  intimate relationship violence in the US and instill the importance of bystander responsibility. The Aspire Initiative includes a smartphone application that is now available on the Google Play store for Android.

The “go button”, in the app, also records domestic violence or potential violence that can be retrieved by the police. The app is designed to look like any other application and can be used and downloaded secretly!

Join The Petition!

Battered Woman In Transition wants you to join us with signing our petition to get voters to switch domestic violence month to September instead of October! Please Be Sure to confirm your signature in your email!

Help Switch Domestic Violence Month To Sept.

Hello Fellow Patrons,

Battered Woman In Transition wants you to join us with signing our petition to get voters to switch domestic violence month to September instead of October where it is hidden behind breast cancer awareness. We want to achieve the goal of receiving just praise for both domestic violence and breast cancer awareness.

Because the president signed the bill below in September, this would be a great reason to support the change...

October 19, 2013 marks the 19th anniversary of the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA). As the original author and champion of VAWA, Vice President Biden brought national attention to what had too-long been a hidden problem. Then-Senator Biden held the first hearing on violence against women in the Senate Judiciary Committee in 1990 and introduced the first version of the Act that same year. After five years of hearings exposing the extent of rape, battering and stalking, the Act finally passed Congress and was signed into law by President Clinton on September 13, 1994.


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B.W.I.T program will develop and promote leading organization delivering proven programs that address emotional, psychological, physical abuse, and incest.  B.W.I.T is determined to extend comprehensive services, education, support that prevent violence and fully support women, children, and men on their path from fear to safety.

Battered Women

Child affected by abuse in home

One of Battered Women In Transition goals is to eliminate family violence through intervention, proactive prevention programs, extensive community education, advocacy, and assistance for victims and their families.  B.W.I.T is geared towards liberating victims of family violence in Dallas Fort Worth metropolis.

Our Main Goal

Terrfied abused woman

Our main goal is to allow women and families to transition from being victims to being survivors. We want women everywhere to be able safely to escape domestic disputes, childhood traumas, and other forms of abuse. With the Battered Women in Transition support group, we hope to make this world safer by spreading awareness and knowledge.