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TCC NE - PSI BETA Valentine Celebration
Thank you to PSI BETA and the coordinators of this event, for allowing B.W.I.T. to be a part of a Valentines Day celebration and spreading the knowledge of domestic violence. Valentines Day may be a d... Read more
Speak up about Domestic Violence
This video may have a disturbing story connected, but it's a real situation! It's time for people to speak up against domestic violence produced by a male or female! There are thousands of situations ... Read more
Hot Topics Talk Radio
Let this video inspire you. Hot Topic Talk Radio sent out a wonderful DV Awareness video. Watch the video below! Read more
The Face of Domestic Violence
This video should help you want to move out of the relationship you are in, if you are being abused. This amazing woman has told her story in order to help others realize that it is better to leave be... Read more
The Aspire Initiative
The Aspire Initiative is a domestic violence program aiming to reduceĀ  intimate relationship violence in the US and instill the importance of bystander responsibility. The Aspire Initiative includes ... Read more
Join The Petition!
Battered Woman In Transition wants you to join us with signing our petition to get voters to switch domestic violence month to September instead of October! Please Be Sure to confirm your signature in... Read more
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