Trenicy Thomas is the driving force behind the organization and fills the Executive Director role. She founded Battered Women in Transition (BWIT) in 2013 as a result of experiences that she endured as a victim of child molestation.  As a young adult, she was physically abused by her mother and was a victim of rape twice.  Betrayal, hurt, and loneliness were once foreign feelings that soon became acquaintances of hers as she ran away to escape the promising abuse that waited for her at home.  Feeling unworthy of love and being told she was worthless, she began to compromise her worth.  As a reflection of all previous events, she was later involved in a relationship of domestic violence.

Overtime, Trenicy found strength and resilience to transition from a fearful victim, to an individual with courage and joy.  In her transition, a passion for helping victims overcome their struggles unfolded into a reality and gave birth to this organization.  Trenicy is now the proud mother of three daughters & one son and is pursuing a Bachelor in Psychology. She has completed an Associate of Applied Science in Nursing and a general studies Associate of Applied degree.  It is her desire that BWIT will help women in the Dallas Fort Worth area rise above the negative effects of domestic violence and sexual abuse and go on to lead full, happy lives.

Mission Statement:

To help women transition from being victims of abuse to survivors by providing them with education and counseling, intervention/prevention services, and life skills training to better their lives.


One of Battered Women In Transition goals is to eliminate family violence through intervention, proactive prevention programs, extensive community education, advocacy, and assistance for victims and their families.  B.W.I.T is geared towards liberating victims of family violence in Dallas Fort Worth metropolis.

Battered Women in Transition assists battered women who are transitioning through awareness, better decision-making, education, and re-positioning themselves for a brighter future.

Our place of refuge provides a safe haven for victims.  We supply helpful information and a variety of support techniques.  Additionally, we provide healing for the body, mind, and spirit through counseling and meditation.  At B.W.I.T, women/families will receive the assistance they need in order to transition efficiently.

B.W.I.T program will develop and promote leading organization delivering proven programs that address emotional, psychological, physical abuse, and incest.  B.W.I.T is determined to extend comprehensive services, education, support that prevent violence and fully support women, children, and men on their path from fear to safety.

B.W.I.T will focus on helping to resolve the needs of the entire community.  We can do things to help others, you have the power to positively affect others and bring change to the community and the world by acts of sharing.

In 2016, we expect to provide services to clients in several different languages.  B.W.I.T will work diligently to meet all of their needs. Our goals are to provide Safe environment, Safety awareness, education, services, and knowledge to deal with these situations.